If you haven’t been diving for a while and want a quick update on your skills and knowledge, then consider the ReActivate program from PADI before diving back into the depths. The ReActivate program is the perfect way to recall all the knowledge and skills you learned before. Whether you ... Continue Reading
Do you have a real passion for diving and feel like being in the water is just as comfortable as being at home? Then you might be what is called a Master Scuba Diver. Master Scuba Diver is an elite certification that only around 2% of all divers have achieved. ... Continue Reading
Scuba tanks, which usually contain regular filtered air, trimix or nitrox, help us breathe underwater during our dives. Nitrox is basically nitrogen and oxygen combined which helps divers spend more time underwater. It’s also known as Enriched Air, due to the extra oxygen, and is used by both recreational and ... Continue Reading
You’ve completed PADI’s Open Water Diver course. Now, what’s next for your diving certifications? The Advanced Open Water (AOW) of course! Getting this certification will allow you to explore 80% of the world’s dive sites and you’ll no longer need to worry about the depth boundaries given to you on ... Continue Reading
If you love diving and want to pass that love down to your kids, it’s not something that has to wait until they are 18. Children can start diving at the age of 8 years old and take their first breaths underwater fully guided by trained professionals. Your kids can ... Continue Reading
Ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater? Or have you tried diving several times but feel you’re not ready to be certified? Then a Discover Scuba Diving course is for you! Discover Scuba Diving provides a quick and easy way to know what it takes to explore the underwater ... Continue Reading
Night diving is a whole new diving experience compared to diving during the day. Not only are you diving in darkness, but your diving technique and equipment also differs from daylight diving. What makes night diving special is that you’re able to explore the behavior of life underwater, which isn’t ... Continue Reading
Within Seraya Islands are two small and wonderous islands filled with gorgeous and diverse corals that offer fantastic dive sites for all diving and snorkeling levels. The Twin Island is part of the coral conservation project by the ‘Coral Guardian’. This NGO is active in educating local fishermen in guarding ... Continue Reading
Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo are among the most visited places in Flores, as both spots present unique and distinct attractions. Komodo Island, as its name suggests, offers the world’s best place to see Komodo dragons. While Labuan Bajo has some stunning views and landscapes in between the small islands. ... Continue Reading
Komodo is one of the most famous diving destinations! It’s mostly known for its manta rays and earned reputation for its colorful coral populations and marine life diversity. In order to hit all of the best spots, a 3-day liveaboard trip is recommended to reach the most untouched regions that ... Continue Reading