TWIN ISLANDS - Anita and Hataming.

These two small but beautiful islands are situated right in front of Seraya, and are only 5 minutes by speedboat ride away from the resort. The reef there is part of the coral conservation project operated by the 'Coral Guardian', an NGO which is very active in eduacting local fishermen to regrow and to guard coral reef around Seraya island. This site offer fantastic opportunities for all levels of divers and snorkellers to take a dip and try to spot some amazing marine life unique to tropical reefs.

Come & join our team at Aqura where they will take you out and guide you around these islands and educate you on the local conservation project, and help you try to spot all of your classical colourful reef fish, including Clown fish, Parrot fish, Titan Trigger fish, Moorish Idols, Schooling Reef Banner fish, Fusiliers, and maybe some Green Sea Turtles and Reef sharks if you’re lucky!!

SEASON All Year.

DIVER LEVEL Snorkelling Only.