The Cauldron

It is the shape of this dive site that has given the dive site its name known as “The Cauldron”. This dive site a channel in between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut in the north area of Komodo National Park.

The dive site is split into 2 sides, one end has a bowl shape that is deep and round with a sandy bed inhabited with gorgonian fans and soft corals, almost like a cauldron. Once you’re at the other side, it will transform into a world of channels with canyons that run parallel to each other. Enjoy the calm and still atmosphere of the first layer of The Cauldron; glide along the walls and observe the fans and soft corals. Explore the north side of the dive site and discover an area where it is glowing with vibrant orange soft corals and if you’ve still got time, skim through the gorgonian fans that home a few pygmy seahorses.

Test yourself as a diver with The Cauldron’s exhilarating and exciting second half by swimming with fast currents through the small underwater passages and the rocky ridges with churning waters, before revealing the sheltered beautiful reef. Regular sightings in this dive site include: giant manta rays, reef sharks, giant trevallies, and schools of midnight snappers and sweetlips.

The Cauldron is the ultimate diving destination for divers who want a lot of variety during their diving sessions. Visit this dive site with Aqura dive where in house PADI certified divers will guide you through The Cauldron’s strong currents.

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DIVER LEVEL Advanced divers