Tatawa Besar & Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Besar

A diving destination with an endless sea of orange corals is Tatawa Besar. Situated on the northwestern tip of Tatawa, this dive site homes excellent reef fish, barrel sponges, and a wide range of different species of fish.

Tatawa Besar is a giant drift dive surrounded by vibrant fringing reef. It is a great alternative if the currents at Tatawa Kecil or Batu Bolong are too strong for your experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the frequent manta rays, hawksbill turtles, giant trevallies, massive barracudas, parrot fishes, and black tip reef sharks. Visibility is excellent, so don’t worry about missing out on Tatawa Besar’s colorful landscapes!

Tatawa Kecil

This small island of Tatawa provides a magical world class dive site for drift diving known as Tatawa Kecil. It isn’t the easiest dive location due to strong currents, however, the challenge is worth it

Inhabited by an impressive amount of pelagic fish species, Tatawa Kecil offers intriguing rocks, caves, and a massive field of a coral garden. Reef fishes at this dive site include: snappers, large groupers, giant trevallies, sweetlips, and sharks can be discovered. The crystal clear reef will allow you to witness the natural underwater environment where pelagic fish patrol the waters, motionless batfish hang around the blue, bumphead parrotfishes travel in a pack hunting for their next meal, and the gentle nurse shark and bamboo shark resting in the cracks among the spectacular rock formations.

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DIVER LEVEL Advanced divers