Siaba Besar & Siaba Kecil

Siaba Besar

Located within the Komodo’s National Park borders is Siaba Besar, a dive destination known for its massive coral garden.

Get ready to explore a diving destination where you get to experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy the sights of the pelagic fish species such as manta rays, reef sharks, turtles, and much more as well as gorgeous Flamboyant Cuttlefish and Thorny Seahorses. Siaba Besar is also known as a macro heaven and a favorite for Aqura Dive’s PADI certified dive guides.

Siaba Besar is great as a dive check location due to the lack of strong currents, but it does not mean it lacks in cool sights to see! There is something for every diver in store at this dive site, with remarkable reefs, turtle galore, and if you dive a little deeper are the elegant sharks. Don’t miss out the sandy bits where shrimps expose their poisonous flesh, hidden in the tall sea grass along with the beautifully camouflaged Ghost Pipe fishes.

Siaba Kecil

Also located within Komodo’s National Park borders lies Siaba Kecil, a drift dive that runs through alluring canyons ending with a gorgeous coral garden.

Within the canyons are spectacular and mysterious caves home to the big pelagic fish species such as sharks, barracudas, and schools of sweetlips and trevallies.

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DIVER LEVEL Open water diver and for check dives