Makassar Reef/ Manta Point

Discover a whole stretch of reef inhabited by Manta Rays both singularly and in aggregations.

Makassar Reef, also known as ‘Manta Point’, is located between Komodo Island and Tatawa. The area possesses strong currents which in turn attracts the Manta Rays. As these creatures swim with the current, it allows the plankton-rich water to rush over their gills to filter food. However, this causes the area to lack in coral as the strong current prevents the coral to grow and hold on.

Home to the dominant species, you’ll often find these majestic creatures in packs of two or three and capable of traveling up to 1,000 kilometers. However, there have been sightings of turtles, reef sharks, humpback rays, giant trevallies, and other micro marine life in Manta point. It is truly a life changing dive expedition when you learn how divemasters in the area bond with the Manta Rays and how these creatures respond to human presence. They are fully aware you’ve entered their territory but don’t feel threatened as Manta Rays are friendly and curious creatures.

Explore Manta point with Aqura Dive for an educational and complete experience of this dive site.

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