Crystal Rock

As one of Komodo’s best dive locations, Crystal Rock offers a marine bio-diversity like no other. The dive site is also great to be diving in all year long located on the northwestern tip of Komodo Island.

Just like its neighbor Castle Rock, this dive site attracts a large number of reef fish seeking a secure haven that also results in attracting a lot of pelagic fish. From the predators to the tiniest of creatures like the common pygmy seahorses, you’ll see it all in one dive session. While it does home a variety of different species of marine life, Crystal Rock is a great macro dive compared to Komodo’s other dive sites.

Expect a Technicolor underwater environment with endless rows of vibrant soft corals with schools of pink, orange, and yellow anthias reef fishes and the commonly seen moray eels and scorpion fish. The reason it is called “Crystal Rock” is due to the crystal clear visibility in this dive site.

DIVER LEVEL Advanced divers