Castle Rock

Castle Rock in Komodo Island offers an amazing diving experience. Observe dense varieties of fish species and enjoy splendid macro results while taking advantage of this dive site’s excellent visibility.

As one of the most iconic diving destinations, Castle Rock’s fauna characteristics is rich, diverse, and always in motion. The species that travel in enormous schools include Caesionidae fishes, Unicorn fish, Banner fish, and other small marine life that attracts predators such as gray reef sharks, barracudas, tunas, and if you’re diving early in the morning, dolphins.

Once you battle your way from the currents, you’re in for a real treat. Uncover stunning fishes with schooling barracudas, mackerels, and trevallies waiting for your presence. Meet the frequent visitors: the white tip, black tip, and gray reef sharks circling Castle Rock in hopes of a good meal. Allow the curious batfish to accompany you on your diving expedition as you meet the many other large species of fish like the big manta rays.

Sometimes, a pod of bottle nose dolphins will make this dive site their hunting grounds, and you will often come across them while diving. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these agile creatures work in their natural environment.

Dive at Castle Rock with Aqura Dive! Nearly every diver that ascends from this dive site has a big smile on their face with a shout of joy.

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DIVER LEVEL Advanced divers