Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong, which means “hollow rock” in Indonesian, is a world class dive site located between Tatawa Kecil and the Komodo Island.

Aqura Dives’ professional guides will bring you the best of Komodo by showing you Batu Bolong’s amazing marine life. Discover tremendous schools of fish of different species, vibrant soft and hard corals and sponges, and large fishes such as sharks, rays, tunas, giant trevallies, and so much more!


This dive site is accessible from Labuan Bajo, where most Komodo diving trips depart from. Batu Bolong is in a magnificent condition being untouched by fishermen due to the strong currents. The main attraction at this dive site is the volume of fish that inhabit this area. Educate yourself and witness what a day of a reef fish in Batu Bolong is like. Uncover what they feed on, how they fight for their territory, how they hide from predators, how they hunt for food, how they guard their eggs – it’s all here! If you’re lucky, Hawksbill turtles can often be spotted as they are frequent feeders on the sponges or find Dory, the palette surgeonfish dancing across the current.

The most striking part of Batu Bolong is the north side where it is much steeper compared to other areas where they consist of gentler slopes. The best time to experience a special moment at this dive site is at slack tide.

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DIVER LEVEL Advanced divers