Coral Sanctuary

Coral Sanctuary is a project by Coral Guardian, a non-profit organization dedicated to coral reef conservation and coastal communities’ empowerment for fish stock sustainability.

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Our house reef – at twin islands Hatamin / Burung / Tukohbele Island and Papanggau / Anita / Hanita Island – is fortunate enough to be within the project area. The sanctuary was developed by Coral Guardian to rehabilitate areas of degraded coral reef and to establish a visitor attraction and informative, educational centre.

The Coral Guardian works to restore reefs, attract marine life and give them a fresh environment, educate and spread awareness, and use science for further research to find new ways to restore the reefs. A common method being used today is the use of coral tablets.

The project at Hatamin Island has employed several people from the island’s neighboring fishing village to manage the reef rehabilitation efforts. More than 130 tables of coral has been planted with seven species of coral. The underwater realm was once again bright and colorful!

During this field trip we were taught a technique for replanting coral. Using an iron frame and cable ties, we fixed coral fragments to enable them to grow in optimum conditions. We had a chance to discuss with the workers at Hat in Island, and I think the concept of engaging local workers is giving a good impact. Through this project local people have become more aware about the coral ecosystem in Labuan Bajo, and with tourists coming to visit the sanctuary and learn about coral reefs, they will also receive an income for protecting the ecosystem.

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