Why You Should Visit Komodo National Park?

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Why Should Visit Komodo National Park | Aqura Dive

The island of Komodo has long been heralded as one of the best travel destinations in the world. In addition to being the home of the Komodo Dragons, which can be sighted on Rinca, Padar, and Komodo, the surrounding islands are home to world-class diving destinations. With over 50 islands, and strategically located in the center of the Coral Triangle,  the National Park contains some of the most immaculate reefs found worldwide and rightfully earns a place in the top 5 diving destinations in the world. The island has plenty of activities to offer its visitors, such as hiking, local culinary tasting, and diving.

Komodo Dragon at Rinca Island


Komodo Dragon in Rinca | Aqura Dive
Komodo Dragon at Rinca Island | Aqura Dive

Rinca Island is where the Komodo Dragons dwell in the wild. These fearsome lizards have claimed this territory as their home for a long time. When visiting the beautiful islands of Rinca or Komodo, you are accompanied by an experienced National Park Ranger that will take you on your choice of a short or medium trek to spot the unique Komodo Dragon. National Park Rangers are trained by the National Park Authority and are a wealth of information on the local Flora & Fauna, and will take you on a trek you will never forget!

Pink Beach


Pink Beach, Komodo National Park | Aqura Dive
Pink Beach, Komodo National Park | Aqura Dive

The Pink Beach, also known as Pantai Merah by the locals, is one of seven pink beaches in the world. Its color is derived from the degradation of the red corals and the pristine white beach sands. Additionally, this location offers brilliant snorkeling opportunities.

Padar Island Peak


Visit Padar, Komodo Island | Aqura Dive
Padar Island, Komodo Island | Aqura Dive

Hiking up Padar Island to its peak is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the Komodo National Park, especially if you don’t plan on diving. The view from the top will take your breath away. the trek to the panoramic vista is accessible to all levels of fitness. With stairs guiding you to the top, its a short and easy 45-minute walk. Although should you not wish to make it to the summit, no need to worry as there are viewing platforms all along the route providing a breath-taking vista of its multiple iconic crescent moon beaches of three different colors. All this with the stunning backdrop of Komodo Island in the distance.

Visiting Komodo Island is relatively easy when you’re departing from Bali. There are plenty of affordable options and methods to reach the Komodo Islands. We hope this article helps you on your way to visit and possibly dive in the Komodo Islands.

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