You can literally jump in any part of the blues around Komodo and be impressed by its underwater scene. Tatawa Besar & Tatawa Kecil is located in the central region of Komodo. Both provide clear water with endless species of fishes beneath its colorful corals! Tatawa Besar A diving destination ... Continue Reading
The water conditions in the Komodo Islands are some of the most exotic in the Indonesian archipelago. They are notorious for having strong currents that are challenging for even the most seasoned divers. In fact, some dive sites in the Komodo Islands require you to have a minimal of Divemaster ... Continue Reading
Among the many dive sites around Komodo Island, Batu Bolong is a must-visit if you’re planning to dive the waters of Komodo. It’s a dive site favored by many diving enthusiasts due to its incredible marine life and biodiversity. However, Batu Bolong is notorious for its challenging diving conditions with ... Continue Reading
A trip to Komodo Island won’t be complete until you also indulge in the local cuisine on the island. As you explore the island make sure you also dedicate time to taste the food found in the area. As we mentioned in one of our other articles (link to “What ... Continue Reading
Dive Trips to the Komodo Islands - Written by Nani Murtaqi Dive trips to the Komodo islands (a play on semantics, as the Komodo National Park is in fact comprised of three major islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar) are always exciting and much anticipated. My husband and I have taken ... Continue Reading