Snorkeling in Komodo’s Most Wonderful Reefs

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snorkeling komodo island

Komodo has some of the best reefs and house reefs in the world. What is a house reef you might ask? It’s a coral reef that can be accessed from the jetty or beach and doesn’t require a long boat ride. Having a good house reef provides the option to go snorkeling whenever we want to, and spend as much time there as we want! Other than Komodo, there are very few places in Indonesia with such stunning house reefs.

Here are the best coral reefs in Komodo to visit.

Komodo Island

A small island on the outer rim of Komodo National Park is lined by a gorgeous house reef along its beach. It is accessible from the jetty or by a small rib. The reef here presents brightly colored hard corals within the sloping shallow waters and gets to a slightly deeper sandy area where schools of fishes such as jacks can be found. Even the jetty itself is a haven for marine life, offering shade for large schools of fishes, crabs, and even eagle rays.

Batu Bolong

It’s a classic-world famous Komodo diving spot. It might look like an ordinary rock from the surface, but underneath, you’ll find some vibrant coral both north and south-facing. You’ll find healthy and colorful soft and hard coral reefs, as well as a vast range of macro life!

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the largest seamounts of Komodo! The bottom reaches 30 meters deep and rises up to 5 meters, making castle rock an excellent safety stop. Expect to see some healthy corals here along with a wide diversity of micro life.

Tatawa Besar

At Tatawa Besar, experience drifting over the reef while watching marine life pass you by. This elongated island presents a haven of healthy coral reefs in the shallows and is home to all kinds of uncommon fish species.

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