PADI ReActivate Program with Aqura Dive Team

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Reactivate Program Diving

If you haven’t been diving for a while and want a quick update on your skills and knowledge, then consider the ReActivate program from PADI before diving back into the depths. The ReActivate program is the perfect way to recall all the knowledge and skills you learned before.

Whether you just want a few reminders or wish to come back to the early basics, it’s all up to you. Check out what you want to review on your mobile device, then go diving with a PADI diver. It’s a simple process that will prepare you for your next PADI course or diving vacation. As a bonus, after completion, you’ll receive a replacement certification with the ReActivated date.

ReActivate should be your course choice if you are a certified diver who wishes to get a pre-travel update. You’ll also gain appreciation from dive shops, as it means you’re once again ready to go in the water. There’s no expiry date for your PADI certification. Even though participating in PADI ReActivate is not a must, it is recommended for an easy way to refresh your basic scuba safety skills and knowledge if you have been out of the water for a while.

You’ll be guided by PADI professional divers to regain your confidence and comfort in the water. Going through some safety-related skills along with anything you want to re-learn and review. You’ll be using primary scuba gear in a pool, confined water or at an open water dive site, depending on the exposure protection you need.

This PADI program only needs one day and will not only redo past things you have learned but also provide you with the latest dive skills and knowledge. Reawaken your passion for diving in Indonesia’s best destinations with Aqura Dive.

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