Organize a Lovely Snorkeling Vacation in Komodo Island

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Snorkeling in Komodo can be a great way to spend your summer vacation and can be a fun way to refresh yourself. While you have planned to have a great snorkeling time for your holiday, lots of things can go wrong on your vacations in general. So, we recommend you to do your research on the best places and snorkeling spots. Follow our tips and earn yourself the best snorkeling vacation in Komodo!

Plan Backups

The success of any snorkeling adventure highly depends on the weather and conditions of the waters. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful weather, as the water might show otherwise. Even tour operators have backup snorkel spots in case their original plan did not work out. Keep in mind for at least one alternative place nearby or within reach and check the weather and waters before making your decision.

Activities Nearby

Consider this if you are bringing kids! Snorkeling in the Komodo area maybe for more experienced divers, and it can be fatal if you and you’re mate or family members aren’t ready for the level of challenges. If you are snorkeling close to the shore, you can always choose your outing into a day at the beach. You should also know some of the cafes or other attractions that you can enjoy if snorkeling or diving is too much for the day.

Check & Re-Check

No one wants to plan their ultimate trip and forget something important right when they arrive! Check everything you need before you take off. Especially if you are snorkeling solo, prepare your belongings such as your snorkeling gear, towel and sunscreen!

Make the best of your snorkeling vacation in Komodo! Contact us at Aqura Dive and we’ll do the organizing for you to ensure you’ll have a great time snorkeling and diving at our best and recommended locations around Komodo and Komodo National park.

Beautiful Dive Sites

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Special Offers

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