Night Dive: discover what comes out when the sun goes down

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Night Diving with Aqura Dive Team

Night diving is a whole new diving experience compared to diving during the day. Not only are you diving in darkness, but your diving technique and equipment also differs from daylight diving. What makes night diving special is that you’re able to explore the behavior of life underwater, which isn’t the same as during the day. It’s an entirely new and unique diving adventure. Read more for information that will prepare you for a night diving experience.

The darkness, mood, and quietness offer a thrilling and rewarding experience. Therefore, for you to experience everything night diving has to offer, we have prepared some tips for every diver, regardless of your dive level:

Dive in daylight first

If you picked a site to dive at night, you should dive the same sight during the day first.  This will help you prepare for the night dive and gets you familiarized with the location you want to explore. Doing this will also give you perspective on how it changes during the day and night.

Dive at dusk

Let your eyes adjust slowly to the darkness that’s coming. Diving at sunset or twilight leaves a bit of light in the sky before it completely disappears during the dive.

Bring a primary and spare light

The light that you create is the ONLY significant light you will find. This is why having a reliable light is a must, along with a second back up light in case your primary encounters a problem. Pick your primary light based on the strength, beam, and battery as these are some of the essential factors.

Bring a friend

Always bring a buddy to accompany you on the night expedition. Not only for protocol but for safety as you explore the night time depths. Be sure to have both double-checked light signals before diving.

Ready to experience the thrill of night diving? Contact Aqura Dive and we’ll organize an unforgettable diving experience for you in Indonesia’s waters.

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