Move over Bali, Flores is The Next Big Thing!

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When thinking of Indonesia, Bali is one of the top places that comes to mind. It’s a popular destination for people all over the world to flock, especially from Singapore as it is a relatively quick and cheap getaway.

However, the largest archipelago is made up of more than 17,000 islands – there’s so much in store for us than just Bali. The other destination on the rise in Indonesia is Flores. After discovering the island’s natural beauty, many have definitely made Flores a new favourite holiday destination in their hearts.

Meeting the real life dragons

Who knew if you wanted to be the Mother of Dragons you’d have to visit Flores for it? Compared to Bali where you’re accompanied by sneaky, thieving monkeys, Flores is home to largest monitor lizard in the world: the Komodo Dragons.

It is ideal to get to the Komodo National Park for a closer look at these magnificent creatures that are incredibly rare and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main purpose of the park is to conserve the unique species and its habitat. So to visit the Komodo National Park truly is an experience to learn more and explore about Indonesia’s biodiversity. The park also homes other wildlife such as the endemic rat, orange footed scrub fowl, and the timor deer.

Dive and snorkel at Flores

You don’t want to miss snorkelling or diving at Flores as it is one of the world’s richest marine environments offering a unique underwater experience.

The Komodo National Park is also a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. Scientist describe the area as one of the most diverse marine habitats on Earth. Featuring lush mangrove forests, sea-grass beds, seamounts, sand banks, and an abundance of vibrant types of coral reef species – all of which supports their own unique assemblages of marine species.

Here, you can discover more than 1,000 species of fish, 385 species of corals, and 100 more species of pelagic fish.

Bringing you comfort, luxury, and seclusion, Seraya Resort is a hotel in Seraya that offers the definition of living the island life. Surrounded with an abundance of pristine natural wonders, translucent white sand, crystal clear waters, and vibrant underwater life waiting to be discovered. Seraya resort invites you to visit the stunning island of Flores to once again reconnect with nature.

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