Is Komodo Island Safe for Beginner Divers?

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The strong currents of Komodo and the strait between Rinca can be a challenge due to its location between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Though if chosen correctly, beginners can dive Komodo safely according to the sea conditions and practice at some calmer dive sites. In fact, many divers started their Scuba Diving journey in Komodo National Park.

Safety Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner diver and wondering what to bring to dive in Komodo, here are our top tips on preparing yourself for the dive.

Slow down and take everything easy. Relax and control your breathing, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary movements. Always maintain the buoyancy of your body neutral and when you inflate your BCD in the deep. In the end, you’ll still have to deflate in a straight-up body position with the house stretched.

Always keep track of your Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) and take safety stop at 50 bars.

Best Beginners Diving Sites

Komodo island generally consists of dives with strong currents that even struggles experienced divers alike. Luckily, there are some top dive sites for beginner divers that are less punishing and will reward with equally stunning underwater scenes.

  1. Crystal Bay

It’s an excellent alternative for beginners to the Crystal Rock where a line of unique creatures is found such as damselfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish and moray eels.

  1. Sebayur Kecil

This is is well protected from the high tides as it is a reef slope that goes down up to 15-18 meters deep. You can find some lovely fish species easily here such as boomies, crocodile fish, angelfish, trumpetfish and much more.

  1. Sabolong Kecil

It’s a great place for beginners where you can find all the marine life this island has to offer! Be prepared to see some white-tip reef sharks, frogfish, snappers, tunas and other species swimming by.

Here are our tips for you as a beginner diver to start diving into the awesome Komodo island! Contact Aqura dive to start your journey in Dive Center Labuan Bajo for the popular dive destinations mentioned above.

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