How to Choose the Best Dive Center in Komodo National Park

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How to Choose the Best Dive Center in Komodo Island | Aqura Dive

Knowing how to choose a proper dive center can make or break your diving experience. They will dictate your experience, the equipment you’ll be using, the transportation to the dive sites as well as other factors that are essential to creating a good diving experience. Say you’ve a got a dive trip planned for the Komodo National Park, you’ve invested your time and money into this trip so you want to maximize your diving experience by choosing a reputable and proper dive center.

So what are some things to note when choosing a dive center for diving in Komodo National Park? Search the online options, type in keywords regarding diving in Komodo National Park. You can read reviews of other divers. You may also compare different prices and inclusions. As with any diving trip, you need to compare prices to find one that best matches with your budget.

But the utmost important thing to consider when you choose a dive operator around Komodo National Park is the safety. This park is infamous with its strong currents around the islands and channels. However it makes the area one of the world class dive destination. Strong current brings nutriens that is needed by healthy corals and diversified marine lives.

Choosing a right dive operator becomes a risky business if you ignore the safety consideration

The following is a checklist to indicate a good and reliable dive center that can minimize the risk of diving in the Komodo waters:

  1. Does the dive center have its own boat dive? how many engine serving the boat? More than one engine would be safer than only one
  2. Is the dive center certified by a reputable diving organization like PADI? Five star dive center would be preferable.
  3. Does the dive center have permanent guides ?
  4. Is the diving boat is equipped with oxygen kit, life jacket and other safety equipment?
  5. How many divers guided by one guide?
  6. Do the divemaster gives you clear briefing before each dive entry?

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