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Diving in Tatawa island

You can literally jump in any part of the blues around Komodo and be impressed by its underwater scene. Tatawa Besar & Tatawa Kecil is located in the central region of Komodo. Both provide clear water with endless species of fishes beneath its colorful corals!

Tatawa Besar

A diving destination situated in the northern tip of Tatawa, this never-ending sea of orange corals boasts amazing reef fishes, barrel sponge and a diversity of other fishes calling this region home.

‘Besar’ literally means big and large within this region’s name refers to the enormous drift dive surrounded by a colorful fringing reef. Tatawa Besar can be an excellent diving option in case Tatawa Kecil or Batu Bolong’s current becomes too strong. The visibility is crystal clear, so be prepared to spot some of its incredible marine life including giant manta rays, hawksbill turtles, barracudas, parrotfishes, blacktip reef sharks. The fields of hard corals in this region are endless where you’ll find crocodiles, octopus and even manta rays.

Tatawa Kecil

This island of the Tatawa presents a world-class drift diving site known as Tatawa Kecil. With its abundant amount of pelagic small colorful fish species and caves along with an impressive field of coral gardens. Within its clear reef, a range of colorful fishes you’ll find including snappers, giant groupers, sweetlips, bumphead parrotfishes and bamboo sharks laying in between the cracks of the rock formations. The corals in the shallow waters are fresh and healthy which is great for a safety stop. Beware of the harsh currents around new and full moon as experienced divers may have trouble in these conditions.

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