Diving Experience with Manta Rays in Komodo Island

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Manta Rays Komodo Island | Aqura Dive

One of the ultimate goals for many divers is being able to swim with Manta Rays. These graceful creatures seem to glide through the water effortlessly. Giant Manta Rays can have a wingspan of up to 7 meters.  Imagine a group of them swimming around you! It would surely leave a lasting impression.

Manta Rays in Komodo Island

Fortunately, you can sight Manta Rays here in the waters of Indonesia. They are known to roam around just off of the Komodo Islands, making it one of the best locations for divers to see them. However, keep in mind that the waters in Komodo are known to be quite challenging to navigate. Most notable are the strong currents that prove to be a challenge even for highly seasoned divers.

Manta Rays – Nnature in The Wwild with Divers

Manta rays are known to be curious creatures by nature, and they don’t mind at all when divers swim in tandem with them. In fact, if you happen to sight Mantas away from their group, they might swim around you observing quietly. They are intelligent creatures that feed on tiny plankton, and have no barbs like some other rays, making them harmless to humans. You can expect interactions with Manta Rays of up to 30 minutes before their curiosity wears off and they continue on their journey.

Encountering Manta Rays during a dive will almost surely make a long-lasting impression together with an unforgettable experience. It’s no surprise that it’s on the wish list for many divers.

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