Twin Island: Protect Coral Reef Ecosystems

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Coral Reef Ecosystem

Within Seraya Islands are two small and wonderous islands filled with gorgeous and diverse corals that offer fantastic dive sites for all diving and snorkeling levels. The Twin Island is part of the coral conservation project by the ‘Coral Guardian’. This NGO is active in educating local fishermen in guarding and regrowing corals from the Seraya island.

Here, we’ll show you why it’s important to protect the coral reef ecosystems.

Corals reefs are the most unique things created by mother nature. Aside from being a sanctuary habitat for marine life, they are gorgeous life forms that can grow in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Naming just a few include elkhorn, brain, finger, staghorn, and whip as some of the most common coral names. Their structures and intricate shapes provide ideal shelter for all kinds of fish species, clams, marine worms, and other aquatic species and plants, which all play a critical role in the coral reef’s ecosystem.

Coral reefs are also critical food sources for nearby people; living close to the reefs and nurseries are essential to the world’s fisheries. The compounds within coral reefs are now even being used as human medicines that can treat cancer, as well as other uses that are yet to be discovered. Coral reefs help us develop the tourism industry and local communities. They are also especially important in dealing with our unpredictable climate and act as barriers for stormy weather that occurs, such as hurricanes and even tsunamis.

Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea and are home to a quarter of all marine species. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we lost them forever due to our own fault? Contact Aqura Dive and get the chance to explore some of Indonesia’s wonderful coral reefs.

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