The island of Komodo has long been heralded as one of the best travel destinations in the world. In addition to being the home of the Komodo Dragons, which can be sighted on Rinca, Padar, and Komodo, the surrounding islands are home to world-class diving destinations. With over 50 islands, ... Continue Reading
The Advanced Open Water course is designed to take your diving skills to the next level. It’s the natural progression for most divers after taking the base Open Water Course. Depending on your dive operator, you’ll be required to partake in an adventure dive where you’ll complete diving related activities ... Continue Reading
As a prospective diver, one of the primary courses you should aim to complete is the PADI Open Water Course. This course teaches you important fundamental knowledge, water skills and environmental awareness to help you manage yourself as a diver in open water. The course also serves as a type ... Continue Reading
A trip to Komodo Island won’t be complete until you also indulge in the local cuisine on the island. As you explore the island make sure you also dedicate time to taste the food found in the area. As we mentioned in one of our other articles (link to “What ... Continue Reading
Dive Trips to the Komodo Islands - Written by Nani Murtaqi Dive trips to the Komodo islands (a play on semantics, as the Komodo National Park is in fact comprised of three major islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar) are always exciting and much anticipated. My husband and I have taken ... Continue Reading