Best ways to reach Komodo Island from Bali

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Komodo Island is by far one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. This is especially true for divers and those seeking adventure. As the Komodo Islands are fairly remote, most people who venture there stop by Bali first, before continuing.

Here are various ways to get to Komodo Island from Bali.

Travel to Komodo Island by sea

There are currently no direct ferries to Komodo Island from Bali. Most people who want to travel by boat also visit the surrounding islands before eventually reaching Komodo. You can catch these island hopping ferries from the East coast of Bali at the Padangbai seaport. You then need to board another ferry to the neighboring island of Sumbawa. Here you have to trek the island before eventually reaching the next ferry trip to Labuan Bajo, the main gateway to the Komodo National Park. In addition, you can also opt for a Liveaboard trip on a vessel and sail along the waters. This is a more luxurious option, but worth the trip if you have the budget for it!

Travel to Komodo Island by air

The easiest and most direct way to reach the Komodo Islands is definitely by taking a flight. You can take one of the many domestic flights from Garuda Indonesia or Wings Air from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Komodo Airport at Labuan Bajo. There are about five flights daily between the two islands so you can choose accordingly whichever fits your travel itinerary the best. From Komodo Airport you can then take another boat to finally reach the Komodo Islands.

Best ways to get to Komodo Island from Bali

If you don’t want any hassle, there are plenty of 2-3 day tours on cruise packages that include the admission fees to Komodo Island. In addition, if you’re a diver, most reputable dive operators in Bali will have Komodo Islands listed on their dive trip destinations.

Visiting Komodo Island is relatively easy when you’re departing from Bali. There are plenty of affordable options and methods to reach the Komodo Islands. We hope this article helps you on your way to visit, and possibly dive, in the Komodo National Park.

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