Best Time to See Manta and Mola-Mola in Komodo Island

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Manta Rays and Mola - Mola | Aqura Dive

As its name suggest, Komodo Island is a famous for the home of the fearsome Komodo Dragons. These great lizards are the largest on the planet and have been known to inhabit the island long before humans settled on it. Also worth mentioning, is that the Komodo Dragon is named after the island of Komodo, and not the other way around.

Aside from being the home of the Komodo Dragons however, the island is famous for its diving sites. The waters are known for its excellent diving conditions year round, and provides the perfect opportunity to spot the Manta Rays and Mola – Mola Sunfish that like to roam in the crystal clear waters.

In this article we’ll outline the best times to spot the Manta Rays and Mola – Mola in Komodo National Park.

Manta Ray Season

Best time to sight the Manta Rays in Komodo is during the Manta Season that typically lasts from December through February. This is the time the water temperature drops in the South compared to the North. In addition, the plankton bloom is in full effect providing the majestic Manta Rays to come and feed on them. Divers can witness as the Manta’s feed on the tiny planktons and even swim close to their proximity to understand just how beautiful and gentle they truly are. It is worth noting that divers should take precautions as the water will have strong currents that are more suited for advanced divers.

Mola – Mola Season

This Ocean Sunfish is one of the world’s most iconic pelagics. Its broad shape and docile nature makes it a favorite sighting for divers. Their name is derived from their curious behavior as the like to float near the surface to bask on the sun rays during the cold season. Divers can get a chance to see the Mola – Mola Sunfish during August where they can be often spotted resurfacing from deeper waters.

Komodo Island is truly blessed with some of the most exotic animals species found in Indonesia. Its waters also enjoy excellent diving conditions for divers to experience sighting the Manta Rays and Mola – Mola Sunfish.

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