Benefits of Taking Your PADI Open Water Certification in Komodo

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Diving in Komodo National Park Aqura Dive

Komodo’s high risks and savage seas mark no game for divers. The region’s wild islands that surge high tides at the peak of the moon. It’s known for the powerful currents and great flow of the waves that travel through its channels. Besides its rough courses, it’s possible to dive Komodo whatever your experience and level are. It’s also possible to earn a PADI certificate and become a certified diver in its open watercourses.

PADI Divemaster Course

If you have earned a PADI certificate before, it’s recommended that you should take it to the professional level. You will get to perfect your rescue skills and be more aware of the risks and problems that are likely to occur. After the course, you will become a role model for other divers. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old to attend this course and have attended the First Aid Course and CPR beforehand, with a minimal dive of 40 dives.

First Aid Courses

PADI also offers EFR courses, First Aid training and all CPR professional-grade assessments in case you encounter an emergency situation in Komodo’s open water. If you want to be a rescuer or professional lifeguard, then you must first gain confidence from this course! You will also gain knowledge of primary care to people who cannot breathe, in severe bleeding, have no heartbeat, has spinal injuries or in shock. You will also learn emergency care for infants and children and courses that teaches CPR and SED training. Lastly, you’ll also be able to refresh what you’ve learned every 24 months with EFR Update courses.

Here are some of the PADI courses you can take in Komodo, get certified and enjoy diving in the Komodo isles at the same time! Contact Aqura dive for a scuba diving experience in Komodo and other popular sites in Indonesia.

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