Earn Your Advanced Open Water Certification with Aqura Dive Center

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AOW diving

You’ve completed PADI’s Open Water Diver course. Now, what’s next for your diving certifications?

The Advanced Open Water (AOW) of course! Getting this certification will allow you to explore 80% of the world’s dive sites and you’ll no longer need to worry about the depth boundaries given to you on the open water dives. It’s one of the most popular courses from PADI which offers you fun times at popular Bali dive sites and levels up your diving skills at the same time.

Any diver can take the Advanced Open Water course, you don’t need to be an advanced diver to take it. But what you do need is a certification for Open Water and to be at least 12 years old. The two required dives are deep dive planning and buoyancy control with three other specialty dives from the list below:


You’ll learn about drift diving equipment such as floats, lines, and reels along with the behavior of currents and how they can affect your dives. You’ll learn how to stick with your buddy and get to the boat after your dive.


Here you will learn about boat terminology, including boat diving procedures, and etiquette and techniques when entering and exiting the boat. Also, some safety considerations when diving from boats.


You’ll find out more about safety considerations when exploring wrecks. You’ll learn to use lines and reels for better exploration, along with the use of finning techniques for better navigation in the dark.

Fish ID

If you’re a real marine life diver, then Fish ID is for you. You’ll learn more about identifying common fish families and species.


Get to handle a flashlight and learn communication techniques used for night diving. Enjoy the world of night diving and see how marine life changes its behaviors after dark. To include night dive as one of your five dives, you’ll need to stay for one night in Tulamben, where we can help with arranging accommodation.

To complete the 5 required specialty dives for the Advanced Open Water, here are the additional programs that you must choose from. Contact Aqura Dive and we’ll help you arrange your dives and earn your AOW PADI dive certification.

Beautiful Dive Sites

Choose one of our special dive sites.

Seraya Sites
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Komodo National Park
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Other Dive Sites
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Special Offers

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