Komodo is one of the most famous diving destinations! It’s mostly known for its manta rays and earned reputation for its colorful coral populations and marine life diversity. In order to hit all of the best spots, a 3-day liveaboard trip is recommended to reach the most untouched regions that ... Continue Reading
Komodo offers some of the best diving destinations in the world and if you have decided to visit it for your next trip, you are going to love it! Chances are you’ve done your research and are already overloaded with information. You might have heard that Komodo and Flores’ currents ... Continue Reading
Komodo has some of the best reefs and house reefs in the world. What is a house reef you might ask? It’s a coral reef that can be accessed from the jetty or beach and doesn’t require a long boat ride. Having a good house reef provides the option to ... Continue Reading
Responding to an emergency situation while diving is one of the most important things you can learn as a scuba diver. Your reaction can mean life or death in a difficult situation. A PADI Rescue Diver Course teaches you some basic skills to handle difficult situations, and keep yourself safe. ... Continue Reading