The strong currents of Komodo and the strait between Rinca can be a challenge due to its location between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Though if chosen correctly, beginners can dive Komodo safely according to the sea conditions and practice at some calmer dive sites. In fact, many divers ... Continue Reading
Snorkeling in Komodo can be a great way to spend your summer vacation and can be a fun way to refresh yourself. While you have planned to have a great snorkeling time for your holiday, lots of things can go wrong on your vacations in general. So, we recommend you ... Continue Reading
Komodo’s high risks and savage seas mark no game for divers. The region’s wild islands that surge high tides at the peak of the moon. It's known for the powerful currents and great flow of the waves that travel through its channels. Besides its rough courses, it's possible to dive ... Continue Reading
You can literally jump in any part of the blues around Komodo and be impressed by its underwater scene. Tatawa Besar & Tatawa Kecil is located in the central region of Komodo. Both provide clear water with endless species of fishes beneath its colorful corals! Tatawa Besar A diving destination ... Continue Reading