If you’ve ever visited Komodo National Park, or read about its natural beauty, you would understand why it’s a site that requires our attention and protection. For Indonesia, the Komodo National Park is a valuable asset for ecotourism which the government supports through the Ministry of Forestry.  UNESCO World Heritage ... Continue Reading
Komodo Island may be famous for its giant monitor lizards, but their waters are also excellent for diving activities. The surrounding waters have an impeccable coral reef and abundant marine life to satisfy any diving enthusiast. Worth noting, however, is the slightly challenging hydrology conditions of the waters in Komodo ... Continue Reading
Komodo Dragons are fearsome lizards that have roamed the eastern Indonesian archipelago since long before humans settled on it. Due to their isolation, these lizards exhibit a natural phenomenon called island gigantism, where they are able to grow to their massive size due to not having any natural predators in ... Continue Reading
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already read about all the amazing things to do in Komodo National Park. Now you know all about Komodo Island, its time to actually plan the trip yourself.  Don’t worry, we've got you covered, we’ll give you some tips to plan your trip ... Continue Reading