The water conditions in the Komodo Islands are some of the most exotic in the Indonesian archipelago. They are notorious for having strong currents that are challenging for even the most seasoned divers. In fact, some dive sites in the Komodo Islands require you to have a minimal of Divemaster ... Continue Reading
So, you’ve decided to make the trip to Labuan Bajo, perhaps you’re planning to hike to Padar Island or dive in the waters in Batu Bolong? Your first step, however, is to find a place to stay. We've put together a few options for you below, ranging from mid-range hotels ... Continue Reading
Have you heard of Padar island? It's the third largest island within the Komodo National Park, located between Komodo and Rinca islands. Unlike its more famous neighboring islands of Komodo and Rinca that are teeming with the legendary dragons, Padar is komodo-free. The rugged topography of this island, with steep ... Continue Reading