A trip to Komodo Island won’t be complete until you also indulge in the local cuisine on the island. As you explore the island make sure you also dedicate time to taste the food found in the area. As we mentioned in one of our other articles (link to “What ... Continue Reading
As its name suggest, Komodo Island is a famous for the home of the fearsome Komodo Dragons. These great lizards are the largest on the planet and have been known to inhabit the island long before humans settled on it. Also worth mentioning, is that the Komodo Dragon is named ... Continue Reading
Knowing how to choose a proper dive center can make or break your diving experience. They will dictate your experience, the equipment you’ll be using, the transportation to the dive sites as well as other factors that are essential to creating a good diving experience. Say you’ve a got a ... Continue Reading
Komodo National Park is a popular destination for travelers and divers all around the world, and for a good reason. The national park has plenty of features that attract international attention. For one, the two island, Rinca and Komodo Island, are homes to the largest lizard on the planet the Komodo Dragon. ... Continue Reading